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I am Danish, born in central Copenhagen (Hauser Plads, as far as I remember) February 4 1950.
Grew op in Odense (Birth City of H. C. Andersen.
Mother: Marie Elisabeth Hertig, (born Andrup) born  1918 –  2004
Father: Henrik Hertig 1915  – 2007
Brother: Joakim Hertig 1948 – 1993
Married to Birgitte Elben 1953 – 2006
Sara Elben Hertig, born 1985
Simon Elben Hertig, born 1988

Student Maribo Gymnasium 1968

Master of Polical Sciense, University of Aarhus

Livied Nuuk, Greenland 2013-17
Lives in Sønderborg, Denmark 2017 — >

Politics. I consider myself socialist. Many Americans might have troubles with the sense of this concept as we use it in Europe.
Member of SF in Denmark (Socialist People’s Party) and og IA in Greenland.
However, it is truly more to the left than to the right.
I also consider myself Christian Protestant. (Lutheran)
Photography. (Look at my pictures here)
Family: I love my children and my family

Metatags: Democracy, Human Rights, ice cream, Christian, Socialist, Economics, Public Administration, Law, EU, Rule of Law, Privacy, Information Security, Encryption