The Greenlanders and me

Photo of Mikal Hertig

Mikael Hertig, M of Sc. Pol


Thanks to Hans Moeller

Nuuk City February 2017
Photo Mikael Hertig


I dream that Greenlanders of their own choosing more Danes as their friends and partners, because we deserve it, and not just because we are there already.

A Greek doctrine carved over the Temple of Apollo in Delphi reads: “Know thyself”; it is about identity. I am soon 70; The older I get, the more part of my wonder and interest is concentrated on this “Who am I? To stand and wonder ”(Country Joe & the Fish)

As I understand the situation of my Greenlandic  friends in the midst of Inuit tradition and a capitalist-industrialized world that is undergoing major changes, the movement is a direction from one starting point to something else. If you draw a straight line between two points, the starting point is always relevant.

If Greenlanders need to understand themselves in this situation, it is quite necessary to understand where you come from, who you are. Without such self-understanding no one can understand why you think the way you do. It goes without saying that knowing the contemporary, the contemporary culture – which is still inuit in Greenland with a weight of about 80-20 – is part of the self-insight.

When you then ask the good “look ahead – question” it is clear that someone has to consider with their consciousness, “what can it be used for in a techno-modern society?”, what am I aiming at?

Let me answer in a different way as a Dane. After all, there are many Danish-Greenlandic married couples who have proved durable. Every time this happens, the people in question must be able to love each other as they are. The more the better.

Understanding is a journey into the other’s land.


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