The Facebook inquisition

Facebook’s sanctions mechanism lacks transparency

Skærmbillede med en slags sanktionstekst

Facebook ‘blocking likes message’

I received this message this night. First, I got some message that something was done in a wrong way. What I have done wrong I don’t know. The explanation in Danish can be translated to something like “you have proceeded to fast”. WTF does that mean? In which connection is it forbidden to proceed to fast? I am just sitting at my computer.

When using the “tell us” tab I am guided to some weird screen with nonsense options.

The sanction is mild. I can survive that during 24 hours I am blocked from setting likes. You might ask – and so what.

The presumption of innocence

Facebook is not a state. But the state of Facebook is rotten. The virtual world has power. The proces leading to any sanction is latent, hidden. You are just sanctioned without any prior warnings at all.

The public role of Facebook is enormous. The influence is huge. I think this means that both the sanction rules and the proces before goes on in a transparent way.

In my very simpel case, some automatic programme looking at. something (what) registers ‘unusual behavior’. I don’t know wheter any living person has been involved in this judgment or not. I don’t know if somebody wanting to injury me has sent a complaint. If so, I was never presented to that complaint.

In a nation state with separation of powers any sanction policy is built on the principle that any person is innocent until proved guilty. FB is a company is not obliged to introduce sanctioning rules following court-like standards.

Facebook is just a world wide digital company. Facebook may inside the FB world behave without any moral policy – as long as FB comply with legal rules.

I am sure that Marc Zuckerberg and employees have thought about FB’s sanctioning policies. But what they think is – just as the sanctioning practice itself – is totally left in the dark.

I propose FB to rebuild sanctioning policies in direction of a more justice and transparency.



Facebook with a monster image


I believe that billions of FB-users have been exposed FB sanctions. Each of us have exactly the same experience. Of course we can shrug the shoulders.

However, the experience is that Facebook is a unjust monster. So this is the image of Facebook .






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