Denmark – bizarre way of forcing people to work


Seriously ill but forced to test ‘workability’


This article is inspired from Avisen., witten by MP for Enhedslisten Finn Sørensen

Danish legislation has went from bad to worse. Now, seriously ill cancer patients are forced to having tested their “workability”. And this bizarre maltreatment is almost common practice.

We have already seen many examples when seriously ill citizens must have tested their ability to “develop workability”.

Could it be worse in the authorities’ eternal pursuit of excuses for not giving severely ill citizens a disability pension?

Yes, obviously – at least in the municipality of Copenhagen.

On July 17, Vladimira is called for a meeting at the job center. She is too ill to come, nevertheless, the municipality refuses to come to her, she shall meet at the job center.

Vladimira’s bisidder writes on facebook:

“V. Is primarily bedridden, is painful and on morphine. V. is too ill for chemo due to Lung cancer, too ill for surgery for morbus crohn due to Danger of premature bleeding as well as impairment for rehabilitation. V has recently also found hepatitis and also suffers from rheumatoid arthritis, broken back with new convulsions / … / V has fallen several times and finally broke the wrist. Nevertheless, V has rejected emergency calls. And yet 63-year-old V. is called for rehabilitation meeting at Musvågevej. The right should be right, the only thing I got out of the meeting was that V. could have made a bed available during the rehabilitation meeting. ”

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IT’S YOUR NEXT GENEROST! She does not even have to take her own bed. What more can you demand?

The Minister and the Conciliation Parties for the Reform of Early-Pension Flex Jobs (S, V, K, RV, LA, SF) beat seven crosses when they hear such examples. It was really  not the intention. It’s also the stupid municipalities that do not manage the law after the intentions.

But the National authority “Ankestyrelsen”  believes that the municipalities generally do what they are asked for – except that in a number of cases they had been too lenient to award early retirement! Civil courts have approved the National Ankestyrelsen’s interpretation of the law. And then it’s allowed!
But what do the municipalities say? The first years after the reform came into force, they just did the dirty work and make early retirement benefits down to half. But gradually there are too many “lying on the table” – and the municipal elections are approaching!

It has got a number of municipalities to participate in the criticism of the legislation. It’s way too tight, it sounds alright.

 But can it never be an excuse for treating the citizens in the way that happens in Vladimir – and in many other cases. Even the most inhuman and malicious legislation can be administered more or less humanly.

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