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ECRI Severe criticism of Denmark. Racism and discrimination ?

MIkael Hertig, M of SC Ppl

Article by Mikael Hertig, Nuuk, Greenland.

ECRI has delivered  its report about human rights and democracy in Denmark for 2012-17

Every 5 years, ECRI delivers its report about the stage of democracy and human rights among each member state. March 2017 it presented its report to the Danish government, and May the report was published.

Danish Minister for Refugees and Foregners has used 14 days to plan how to respond. She does not at all relate to the substanse – only to the “who”. It is new to me thatt a Danish minister from Venstre, The Danish Liberal Party, so demonstratively turns her back to the UN system. Venstre’s former Prime Minister Poul Hartling was for years High Commissioner for refugees.



Minister Inger Stoejberg as she celebrated  50 cutbacks in handling of refugees the last year: Source: The Ministers own website

When published, The Danish  Minister Inger Stoejberg spoke to the press:

“We are not going to change as much as a comma because of the recommandations from the ECRI committee.  I totally disagree with their announcement. They are sitting as kings without land exposing themselves explaining which political guidelines to follow. For this reason we are not at all going to comply with it” 

Danish Minister of Refugees and Foreginers to Danish Press Bureau Ritzau May 16 2017














“In this way other countries like China, North Korea, Rusland, Saudi Arabia refuse the critizism of internatinal organizations about democracy and the state of human rights in their own country. But of course, this of course is something totally different

Trine Pertou Mach, Danish Human Rights fighter, Facebook May 17 2017



The recommandations


#1 Legislation does not comply with ECRI’s Recommandation no 7.
 ecri03-8 recommendation nr 7



Recommandation 7


The whole recommandation can be downloaded from the link.
The authorities should bring the criminal, civil and administrative legislation, in general,
into line with ECRI’s General Policy Recommendation No. 7 on national legislation to
combat racism and racial discrimination.

It is noteworthy that it should be necessary to recommend this in general terms. The statement says bluntly that Danish legislation to protect against racism and race discrimination is to weak. Historically, this is a rather new observation. The statement is formal. Look at the Danish legislation in order to comply in general with human rights.

When  Danish government is rejecting the recommenations Stojbergs ‘critics’ is about who are recommending something instead of what the topic really is. It is the right to maltreatment and discrimination that is at stake.

The definition of ‘racism’:


First part of ECRI7 definitions

This first part of the definition refers to simple statements.

Stoejberg should be asked if she really is for unjustified discrimination as  defined here. “Are You, Stoejberg for direct discrimination as defined here?”
She should also be asked if she is for unjustified indirect discrimination as defined in clause c.

As the ECRI goes to the recommandations according to law, it might be worth looking at the specifications.

ECRI’s recommandations according to law 1.



It is difficult to see these recommandations as references to anything but just common human law. By diabolization of ECRI Denmarks government avoids seriously to relate to the claims of ECRI.

In this context, we have to remember that  Denmark is a member of the European Council.


Some more law recommandation avoided by Inger Støjberg.






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