NUUK day and weather February 19


Landscape at the new Harbor and Northland, Nuuk Fjord.
Photo Mikael Hertig 2017 (c)


The Day February 19: Growth since solstice: 5 hours

Sunrise 8.08 Solopgang
Sunset 17.15 Solnedgang
Daylength 9  hours 6 minutes  Dagslængde
Daylength  growth since winter solstice 5 hours 00 minutes
Daylength  increment 6 minutes 35 seconds
Noon (sun at it’s highest) 12.40


Temperature: -1 C ->  – 5 C
Wind: Middle to  mild, East changing to north 7 m/sec to 5 m/sec
Sunny at noon.  Cloudy in between


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