Nuuk Day and Weather February 14 (Valentine’s Day)


Loader tractor moving snow filling snow pile.
Nuuk has had so much snow thus winter.
Mikael Hertig Photo (c)

We have had many overcast days and much of snow until now. It looks as if we are going to have some days with sun and stable weather. Pictures will show the weather some days before the actual data day. I think that the rate of Loader Tractors (“Gummiged” in Danish) per citizen must be one of the highest in the world. Traffic functions because most of the new snow is cleared during the morning.

Day: Nuuk Greenland February 14.

Sunrise 8.25 sunset 16.58. Daylength 8 hours 33 minutes. February 14 is 4 hours and 27 minutes longer than at winter solstice.  Daylength increment pr day 6 minutes and 34 seconds.

Nuuk weather February 14. Stable and sunny

Sunny. Wind from NE : Middlewind speed  5-6 m/sec. Temperature -8 -> – 6 C.




Valentine’s day in Greenland and Denmark


Valentine’s day is not central in Greenland or Denmark. The Danish connection might however be remembered because of the lost relationship between Ophelia and Hamlet in Shakespeare’s Hamlet.






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