Pictures from a summerday in Nuuk Greenland

By Mikael Hertig

Photo of Mikal Hertig

Mikael Hertig, M of Sc. Pol

In Nuuk we feel it almost hot when temperature is between 16 and 20 C.  It is nice because it is not at all cold.

All these photos were taken July 28 AM.

I am just a Dane who did never imagine that I should be allowed to look at all these landscapes. Please follow me.

Downloading may take some minutes as the pictures are in high resolution


Foto fra kolonihavn

View from ‘Colonial Harbour towards South West (Mikael Hertig (c) 2016






Nuuk was originally built at about this area. Taken against the sun in the west.







Picture of Mountain Sermitsiaq

Sermitsiaq Mountain seen from Nuussuaq Mikael Hertig (c) 2016

The mountain Sermitsiaq can be seen from almost any place in Nuuk except Qinngorput


Photo of mountain Little Marleme

Little Marlene seen from Nuussuaq 2016 mh (c)









Little Marlene east of Nuuk has a valley “Eqalugalinnguit” (The place to fish trouts) beneath it. Grasses amd barley overall.


Picture of Nuuk-fjord

Godthaabsfjord from Nuussuaq (mh 2016 (c)










Looking Northeast from Nuusuaq west

Photo of flowers

We have no gardens but flowers in Nuuk and Nuussuaq MH (c)



Nuussuaq west In Greenland you cannot own earth. So we do not have gardens. Just wild flowers. Summer is short, so we enjoy them more intensively.

Photo of Sermitsiaq

Nuuk Fjord and Sermitsiaq (c) Mikael Hertig 2016



Sermitsiaq is the landmark of Nuuk. Here taken as close as possible.





Small icebergs

Small icebergs in Nuuk Fjord Mikael Hertig (c) 2016








Small icebergs are drifting out of the Fjord. Most in the summer. They are broken from the ice 100 kilometers away.



Small icebergs

Small icebergs in Nuuk Fjord Mikael Hertig 2016 (c)





More icebergs


Pictue of fjord at Small Marlene Mountain

Fjord east of Sermitsiaq         photo MH 2016 (c)










This is breathtaking.

Picture of Sermitsiaq

Sermitsiaq is the landmark of Nuuk MH photo 2016 (c)





More Sermitsiaq

French Willow

“French willow” is the national flower of Greenland (c) MH 2016






nIt is a little surprising that this flower called “French Willow” is the most beloved summer flower in Nuuk

French willow

French Willow at Nuuk airport MH 2016 (mh)









Small Lake at Little Marlene

Small lake at Mountain Little Marleme Mikael Hertig (c) 2016





The water is clear beneath Little Marlene

French Willow

French Willow



They are so resilient

Cotton Grass at Qinngorpit

Cotton Grass at Qinngorput (MH Photo 2016) (c)




Beneath Great Marlene in Winngorput you can observe clear water and cotton grass

View at Marlenesund

View at Marlenesund towards Nuuk
MH Photo (c)




From the new Queen Margareth II road you can look at Nuussuaq and Nuussuaq Harbor


Ranunculus at Nuuk Fjord at the Old Colonial Harbor
MH Photo 2016 (c)







Ranunculus before the Old Colonial Harbor where Hans Egede arrived and built Nuuk

View over Marlenesund

View from Queen Margareth II Road over Marlenesund
Mikael Hertig (c)




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