Nice Massacre and The French Connection


Photo of Mikal Hertig

Mikael Hertig, M of Sc. Pol

The  Nice Massacre July 14 was horrifying. At this stage of public understanding one of the first words that turns up in the statements by statesmen seems to be  ‘terror’.  Maybe this is not at all surprising  as most of the comments are made by politicians or experts who will allways bring events into a political context. Even if it may not necessarily be the case.

There is no legitimation for such crimes and there will never be. However, this should not exclude trying  to understand motives.


The next word mentioned seems to be ISIS (DAESH), Islamic State. As it will allways be in the interest of DAESH to be connected to massacres as these we are already accustomed to the short public notice from this organization that they will ‘take responsibilty’ – whatever this means.

As many of the crimes connected to terrorism took place in France it might be a good idea to look at a French connection to Mediterreanian and African states – former colonies or states under heavy French influence. Tunesia, Libya, Morocco.

Until 1956, Morocco was French. Instead of just relating the killings of approximately 100 people (among these many children) to Daesh it might be worth spending a little time with two sides of the French connection to its past history and the tracks into nowadays’ France.

As former imperial power, France is still active with investments and military actions through the famous French Foreign Legion in the former colonies. These activities are not solely serving the human purposes of mankind. Thus, they may even attract resistance.

Secondly, exactly as former colonial power France offers into some degree education and stay in France for people from these countries.  However, integration does not allways succed.  Criminal gangs around the bigger cities as Paris, Marseille and Lyons flourish.

Explanations of the Massacre of Nice with islamism or DAESH serve a political purpose. In this regard there seems to be coincidental interests between Islamic State and western politicians: to legitimize the war in Syria and Iraq.

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