A summernight in Qinngorput, Nuuk, Greenland


All pictures are taken during the midnight or very early morning from July 3 to July 4. They are also taken from the same balcony. The twilight is so light and fragile at midsummer that it gets dreamy.

Picture looking at Nuuk


Looking towards the Nuussuaq Harbour.

Photo showing clouds and Fjord

Nuuk Fjord (c) Mikael Hertig


Picture showing Fjord

Nuuk West from Qinngorput


Photo Waterfall and rocks


Photo waterfall  rocks

Morning sun at waterfall


Photos boats returning

Boats coming home

Photo showing Nuuk Fjord

Summer morning at Nuuk Fjord with boats returning


Picture early morning

Looking at Northland



Picture  of Sund and Northland

Look at Northland


Clouds, Mountain, Houses

Great Marlene and Suloraq, Qinngorput


Photos by Mikael Hertig (c)


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