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Billede af Thüringens FDP partiformand i februar Thomas Kemmerich

The Lesson from Thuringia, Germany

In Germany, the fight for Democracy is sacred   By Mikael Hertig, Political Commentator Election and the one day government in Thuringia   The state of Thuringia, with its 2.2 million inhabitants, is one of Germany’s smallest states. Thuringia is located in former East Germany and is known for the major cities of Erfurt (capital), Jena (Carl Zeiss optics) and…

The Facebook inquisition

Facebook’s sanctions mechanism lacks transparency I received this message this night. First, I got some message that something was done in a wrong way. What I have done wrong I don’t know. The explanation in Danish can be translated to something like “you have proceeded to fast”. WTF does that mean? In which connection is it forbidden to proceed to…

A sovereign Catalonia?

    Violence or understanding?  By Mikael Hertig1         ”Understanding is a journey into somebody else’s land”   Why am I so interested in the Catalan freedom movement? In the Danish-Green­landic relationship, I am working for changing Danish colonial behavior in­to an attitude building on more respect and less superiority. I may criticize government of Denmark in…

100 years of showdown with colonialism

    Woodrow Wilson * 14 points 100 years  January 8 2018   POINT 5 ”A free, open-minded, and absolutely impartial adjustment of all colonial claims, based upon a strict observance of the principle that in determining all such questions of sovereignty the interests of the population concerned must have equal weight with the equitable claims of the government whose…

Denmark – bizarre way of forcing people to work

  Seriously ill but forced to test ‘workability’   This article is inspired from Avisen., witten by MP for Enhedslisten Finn Sørensen Danish legislation has went from bad to worse. Now, seriously ill cancer patients are forced to having tested their “workability”. And this bizarre maltreatment is almost common practice. We have already seen many examples when seriously ill citizens…

Greenland: Government of Denmark is bluffing (updated)

Lars Løkke Rasmussen is bluffing when he threatens the Government of Greenland with eliminating “Bloktilskud”   Abstract Both by a debate in the Danish Folketing  in may and later repeated at a common “Rigsmøde” between the prime ministers of Denmark, Faroe Islands and Greenland the Danish Prime Minister has threatened the Greenlandish Government and Parliament (Naalakkersuisut, Inatsisartut)  that the Danish…

Greenland in squeeze between Denmark and US

By Mikael Hertig Master of Political Science Nuuk Greenland       Geography seems important   The US-Danish relationship When it comes to real war situations, geography is of great importance. Through WW2, Greenland formally continued as a Danish Colony. However, Denmark was unable to supply the Greenlanders with food and other necessary commodities. Denmark was occupied, and the long…

Fifty shades of fake news 2: Editors and sources

The Press as protector of Government By  Mikael Hertig   The Press, understood as both Public Service channels as BBC and the printed papers are in theory supposed to control the Governments’ and Institutions’ exercision of power. This role is often mentioned as “The Fourth Power of State”. Thinking of Watergate as the most famous story affirms that description. In…

ECRI: Racism in Denmark – recommendations on hate crime, refugee’s discrimination and…

    ECRI Severe criticism of Denmark. Racism and discrimination ? Article by Mikael Hertig, Nuuk, Greenland. ECRI has delivered  its report about human rights and democracy in Denmark for 2012-17 Every 5 years, ECRI delivers its report about the stage of democracy and human rights among each member state. March 2017 it presented its report to the Danish government,…

The last speech of Vittus Qujaukitsoq as Greenlandic Minister for foreign affairs

Background: Disagreement in Greenland’s most dominating political party   Siumut is the most dominant political party in Greenland.  (wiki, english)  (wiki, deutsch)  (wiki,francais)  . The founding fathers were Moses Olsen, Jonathan Motzfeldt and Lars Emil Johansen.  Lars Emil Johansen is leader of the Parliament, Inatsisartut. Olsen and Motzfeldt have passed away. A heavy disagreement is focusing at how to achieve…

Greenland and the private foreign policy of Hermod Lannung

  Greenland and the private foreign affairs politics of Hermod Lannung   by Thorkild Kjaergaard, dr. phil-   This is a protected translation of the article “Grønland og Hermod Lannung’s private udenrigspolik “, Weekendavisen February 24 2017. Section “Bøger” page  6-7 Translated by Mikael Hertig Author: Thorkild Kjaergaard “If anybody owes somebody an apology it should be Greenland owing Norway…

The Mikael Hertig Photo catalogue Nuuk February 2017

February 2017

portrætfoto af Mikael Hertig

Mikael Hertig
copyright Mikael Hertig

Dear reader!

I proudly hereby present some of my pictures from Nuuk, Greenland. All pictures are uploaded in high resolution. Please enjoy.

We enjoy February, because the light is coming back with a speed from one day to the next you almost are able to feel. At Christmas time, daylength was just 4 hours. At the end of February, we are at 10 hours.

Please respect rules.  Look at the pictures. Maybe you want to download. Download for private purpose is allowed. Printing for private purpose is also allowed. If you hand pictures to a friend, please have my name as photographer written on it.

Any commercial use without written agreement is not allowed.

Pricing:  1 picture 100 $+ postage.

Qinngorput seen from the first roundabout and Marlenesund. Look the sea smoke at the upper right.  250217 Mikael Hertig foto (c)







Apartment buildings and the Sermitsiaq moutain  seen from Sarfilik, Hans Egede Hotel.
Foto Mikael Hertig (c)



The plain  east of  Hans Egede Hotel. Marlene mountains ansd “The Deer” in background . Mikael Hertig photo  (c)


Lyset, der falder på sneen, er orange

Snowdrift in the late afternoon sun February 25 at Qinngorput.
Mikael Hertig foto 2017 (c)



Marlenesund seen from the road from Nuussuaq to  Qinngorput
Mikael Hertig foto 220217 (c)



Nuuk Fjord and the NE side of the Northlands.
Foto 22.02 2017 Mikael Hertig (c)



The Mountain rock “The Deer” is just about 10 km’ away Foreground the roof of a shopping center in Nuuk
Foto Mikael Hertig (c)



Great  Malene Mountain. Facade from public School  Hans Lynge in  foregorund. Februar 2017
Mikael Hertig foto (c)



The distance from the pubs to the church is short  Nuuk. February 2017
Photo Mikael Hertig (c)



Clear blie sky at  Malenesund, Qinngorput,  Nuuk Greenland February
Photo Mikael Hertig (c)








Road from  Qinngorput to  Nuussuaq. Maximim speed in Greenland is  60 km i timen
 Qinngorput west
Mikael Hertig Photo. (c) 2017


Coaster leaving Nuuk  Mikael Hertig Photo  2017 (c)