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The waterfall at Qinngorput, Nuuk, Greenland

I like the sound from the waterfall where I live. Lend my eyes for a while

(Great Marlene, Qinngorput, Nuuk)

In Nuuk we never know when the thaw comes. Last year we had snow and ice everywhere at this time of the year. This year we have had spring since april. The landscape gets greener every day. Yesterday we had 23 Centigrade in the shadow, and today at noon the temperature is 24,9 centigrade outside. The air is dry and gentle.

Some people say that my pictures are boring because I am very often just showing the same landscape. Take for instance these pictures from the waterfall. However I insist that the water is never the same. So with the landcape. As we walk through life, everything changes from second to second. So is the creation.

Who am I?

I still just stand and wonder…

Billede af vandfald

(c) Mikael Hertig 2016

Waterfall at Qinngorput, Nuuk Greenland

Vandfald ved Qinngorput Grønland

Waterfall at Qinngorput, Nuuk Greenland      (c) Mikael Hertig 2016


Billede af vandfald ved Qinngorput, Grønland

Waterfall at Qinngorput, Nuuk Greenland
(c) Mikael Hertig 2016


Vandfald ved Qinngorput

Waterfall at Qinngorput June 2016
(c) Mikael Hertig June 2016